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Rules? Whad’ya mean rules?

Galactic Soup Playlist for August 20, 2014. “What you must learn is that these rules are no different that the rules of a computer system. Some of them can be bent, others can be broken.” –Morpheus expounds on the way we do things here in Galactic Soup.

Hello fellow apprentices of the dark arts,

This week it was all about baby steps as we featured DJ Nate on his second and last internship here at KUCI. And of course we gave him the Galactic Dys-Soupian treatment with lots and lots of training clips from pop culture films. Yep, from Neo to Daniel San, Nate got it all. Thank you Nate for the fantastic music and rocking on-air personality.

Last hour of the show we featured the short story On The Fly by Alison McBain, published on the journal Flash Fiction On Line. Scroll down for a link to the full text of this poignant piece about the challenges of an immigrant’s existence.

Tune in next Wednesday for more awesome music, more counterproductive training, and more nonsensical intellectuality on Galactic Soup, KUCI 88.9 fm in Irvine, or listen online

israel medina

On the Fly

Click on the link above for the complete text of Alison McBain’s flash fiction piece On The Fly.

"But, here he was, on time as always. Late once and he’d be fired, no matter that he’d been working here for three years. On payroll, he was just another immigrant working the shittiest job in the kitchen."

On The Fly, Alison McBain

And here’s the soundtrack of our journey:

Nobuo Uematsu- Opening “Bombing Mission” - Final Fantasy VII Soundtrack

Birth Of Joy- Keep Your Eyes Shut [3]- Prisoner***

The Oh Sees- Penetrating Eye [1]- Drop***

The Goastt- Xanadu [2]- Midnight Sun***

Guided By Voices- Authoritarian Zoo [1]- Cool Planet***

Beach Day- All My Friends Were Punks [1]- Native Echoes****

Paper Houses- Collateral Damage [2]- Life Goes On…

Haunted Hearts- Something That Feels Bad Is [3]- Initiation***

Art Brut- Bad Comedian [3]- Brilliant! Tragic!***

Spanish Gold- Out On the Street [3]- South of Nowhere***

Cusses- The Wait Is Over [1]- Cusses

Boardwalk- I’m Not Myself [1]- Boardwalk

The Blank Tapes- Uh-Oh [1]- Vacation

Hollow And Akimbo- Singularity [2]- Hollow And Akimbo

Midnight Faces- This Time [5]- The Fire Is Gone***

Jeffertitti’s Nile- No One [3]- The Electric Hour***

Lumenarians- Hash Shashin [7]- Transmalinnia

Liars- Pro Anti Anti [4]- Mess

Unknown Instructors- At The Center [3]- The Master’s Voice

Hookworms- Towards Form And Function – Pearl Mystic***

The Arkane Pretence- No Retreat- Single

*** denotes “New Release”

israel medina

And let’s not forget DJ Nate’s playlist. Thanks for the awesome music and the fantastic vibes over the air. Great job man.

Girl Band—Lawman—Lawman (single)
Black Angels—Evil Things—Indigo Meadow
Fat White Family—Is It Raining In Your Mouth?—Champagne Holocaust
Jetsetter—Not Yet—Not Yet (single)
Evergreen—Plastic Bag—Evergreen
***Alvvays—Adult Diversion—Alvvays
Bleached—Electric Chair—Searching Through The Past b/w Electric Chair
Pink Mountaintops—The Second Summer of Love—Get Back
Love Battery—Between The Eyes—Between the Eyes EP
***The Horrors—Sleepwalk—Luminous
***KUTOSIS—Night Surf—Dream It Away
Ought—Habit—More Than Any Other Day
Ancient Crux—In Teen Dreams—Interracial Coupling


I can’t tell you folks how much influence this film had on me. It’s one of my fondest memories from my coming of age days. Robin Williams will forever remain one of my favorite human beings. I’ll see you soon buddy. 

Galactic Soup Playlist for August 13, 2014. “These boys are now fertilizing daffodils.”–Prof. John Keating, a.k.a. Robin Williams, gives a poignant critique of our life-giving radio show.

Hello fellow time travelers,

This week members of the recently formed band InTheMeanTime paid us a visit to promote their upcoming show at the whisky A Go Go in downtown LA and to talk all things music. Many thanks to Fernando Navarro (guitars), Le DJ SubZero (mmm), Kyle Harrington (bass), Ahmad Dillard (vocals), Rich Lopez who joined us by phone, and of course the number one fan/band publicist Zoe S Alan for sharing their oh-so-awesome intellects with us.

Second half of the show we featured the short story Kitsune no Yomeiri written by Ashe Thurman and published in the online journal Flash Fiction Online. Scroll down for a link to their website.

Of course we can’t finish this update without a word of sorrow for the loss of fantastic actor, comedian, and all around wonderful human Robin Williams. Folks, Williams came to my life when I was a young eleven-year-old boy in Mexico City. I was a boy scout and of all things this one weekend our mission, and this was a direct order from our locale directors, was to go see the newly released film Dead Poets Society. I can’t explain folks how deeply this film touched me. I can explain even less how much influence did Robin Williams’s performance exerted on my young and voracious mind. So here I am thirty years later and the irony of it all is that the man who taught me the meaning of Carpe Diem had decided his time had come. Well, it was his decision and it was his life. We just have to deal with it. We’ll meet again Robin. You were a great man and you will be missed.

Tune in next week for more awesome music, more fantastic tales, and of course more of the yin yang of existence in the only radio show that dies and rebirths every week, Galactic Soup on KUCI 88.9 fm in Irvine, or listen online

israel medina

Kitsune no Yomeiri

Click on the link above for the full text of Ashe Thurmans piece Kitsune no Yomeiri.

Robin Williams was a big source of inspiration for yours truly. I will be forever thankful to him for being such a wonderful human being for, though he never knew me, he played a very important role in my life.

Thank you Robin.

Top (from left): Ahmad-vocals, Kyle-bass, and DJ SubZero getting ready for a silly chatty chat on Galactic Soup.

Below (from left): The complete InTheMeanTime line up: Ahmad Dillard, Kyle Harrington, Rich Lopez, Le DJ SubZero, and Fernando Navarro.


Here’s the soundtrack of our journey: 

Nobuo Uematsu- Opening “Bombing Mission” - Final Fantasy VII Soundtrack

Field Mouse- Tomorrow Is Yesterday [2]- Hold Still Life***

The Young Gods- Speed Of Night [3]- Only Heaven

Thee oh Sees- Penetrating Eye [1]- Drop***

Birth Of Joy- Keep Your Eyes [3]- Prisoner***

Gold_Bears- Yeah, Tonight [1]- Dalliance***

Guided By Voices- Authoritarian Zoo [1]- Cool Planet***

Chromeo- Sexy Socialite [4]- White Women***

Beach Day- All My Friends Were Punks [1]- Native Echoes***

The Goastt- Xanadu ]2]- Midnight Sun***

The Almighty Grind- Anger [6]- The Almighty  Grind

Downset- One Blood- You Tube

Art Brut- Clever Clever Jazz [1]- Brilliant! Tragic!***

In The Mean Time-  Martyr-  You Tube

The Horrors- Falling Star [6]- Luminous***

Teen- Rose 4 U- The Way And Color***

Alvvays- Adult Diversion [1]- Alvvays***

Jeffertitti’s Nile-  No One [1]- The Electric Hour***

Veronica Falls- Found Love In A Graveyard [1]- Veronica Falls

Mia Dyson- When We’re Older [3]- Idyllwild***

Papercuts- New Body [2]- Life Among The Savages***

Tarmac Adam- Me As You [3]- The History Effect

Dynamo Hum- Twigs And Thorns- Dynamo Hum

The Arkane Pretence- Pathos- Single

Popeye- I Yam What I Yam- You Tube

***denotes “New Release”

israel medina


In The Mean Time will be paying a visit to Galactic Soup tonight starting at 9pm. Tune in for the music, tune in for the mindless chatter, oh and tune in for the ticket giveaway for the band’s upcoming show Saturday August 16th at The Whisky a Go Go in LA

From the mitosis of The Almighty Grind spawned the newly formed band “In The Mean Time.” Beautiful melodies, intellectual lyrics, and the full force of hard rock, are all elements of this fantastic group of musical artists. Ticket giveaway tonight for their show this Saturday August 16 at the Whisky a Go Go in LA. 
Tune in tonight starting at 9pm on Galactic Soup on KUCI 88.9 fm in Irvine or listen online

Who will you become?

Galactic Soup Playlist for August 8, 2014. “Mmm that’s one heck of a spell. Well you done it, I’m pregnant.” –All I did was cue the next song!

Hello fellow Sparrows,

This week we unleashed our shock ability, raised the dead, and shot our blunderbuss at incoming foes, all the while making derisive gestures to NPCs and wooing the ladies, which resulted in a couple of unplanned parenthoods. Bye bye gold coins, we hardly knew ya! First half of the show we featured Microsoft Studies top action RPG Fable II. Folks I’d forgotten how much I the sleepless nights I spent playing this game. One of the funniest RPGs ever I say.

Second half of the show we featured the short story Property by Elizabeth McCracken and included in the volume The Best American Short Stories 2011, published by Geraldine Books. Ah the surprises we encounter at a new living space!

Tune in next week for more shameless destruction of the English language, more bad jokes, awesome music, and fantastic authors on the only radio show that is intellectually illiterate, Galactic Soup, Wednesdays at 9pm on KUCI 88.9 fm in Irvine, or listen online

israel medina