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Check out the original trailer for Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. If you played this game before this is going to get you exited all over again. If, on the other hand, you haven’t played any of the Uncharted games yet, well then you better go get your self a napkin because yer about to get saliva cascading on yer garments. This game is awesome!

Galactic Soup Playlist for July 23, 2014. “I’m telling you Sully, this is it. This is finally it.” -Drake admits to his best friend Sully how he feels about our modest radio show.

Hello fellow treasure hunters,

This week we evaded imprisonment in a cold and dark Panamanian cell only to later unleash the demons dwelling inside the lost city of El Dorado. And here we thought El Dorado referred to a crispy kind of Mexican tortilla-related food. First hour of the show we featured the classic adventure video game Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune. Taking a lesson or two out of the Tomb Raider school of game design, the Uncharted series are the game to go for your action adventure fix. Awesome gameplay, fantastic graphics, and a cast of charismatic characters make this series a must have for all self-proclaimed gamers. Yep, Uncharted has earned Galactic Soup’s seal of approval. Drake and Sully are the coolest pair of adventure buddies ever!

Second half of the show we featured the extraordinary work of Mexican writer Juan Rulfo. We read the short story No Dogs Bark from Rulfo’s collection of short stories The Burning Plain published originally in 1953. Scroll down for a link to the full text of No Dogs Bark courtesy of The University of Texas Press website and Galactic Soup.

Tune in next Wednesday for more rock climbing, girl ditching, head banging, and awesome music on Galactic Soup, KUCI 88.9 fm in Irvine, or listen online

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That’s me hanging from the rock. A shot of my weekly commute to KUCI to do this radio show. Feel the passion for radio yet?

Table of Contents and Excerpt, Rulfo, The Burning Plain

Click on the link above for the complete text of Juan Rulfo’s short story No Dogs Bark from the classic volume The Burning Plain. 

"I’ll get you to Tonaya. There I’ll find somebody to take care of you. They say there’s a doctor in the town. I’ll take you to him. I’ve already carried you for hours, and I’m not going to leave you lying here now for somebody to finish off." - No Dogs Bark, Juan Rulfo.

Here’s the soundtrack of our journey:

Nobuo Uematsu- Opening “Bombing Mission” - Final Fantasy VII Soundtrack

Hollow And Akimbo- Singularity [2]- Hollow And Akimbo

Birth Of Joy- Keep Your Eyes Shut [3]- Prisoner***

Holograms- Flesh & Bone [2]- Forever

Pink Mountaintops- Ambulance City [1]- Get Back***

The Goastt- Midnight Sun [5]- Midnight Sun

Ages And Ages- I see More- Divisionary***

The Spits- Trouble [2]- Kill The Kool***

The She’s- My Secret To keep [1]- Dreamers***

Strange Talk- Cast Away [1]- Cast Away***

The Safes- I Win [7]- Record Heat***

Jeffertitti’s Nile- Midnight Siren [2]- The Electric Hour***

The Vaselines- Such A Fool [4]- Sex With An X

Chromeo- Sexy Socialite [4]- White Women***

The Makers- Looking For A Supergirl [3]- Rock Star God

Paper Houses- Collateral Damage [2]- Life Goes On…

Spanish Gold-  One Track Mind [1]- South Of Nowhere

Gold-Bears- Yeah, Tonight [1]- Dalliance***

Malachai- Sweet Flower [1]- Beyond Ugly***

The Black Angels- Don’t Play With Guns [3]- Indigo Meadow

Dynamo Hum-  I’ve Got News For You [7]- Dynamo Hum

Bazooka- Ravening Trip [7]- Bazooka

Be Forest –Airwaves [5]- Earthbeat

Beach Day- Stay [4]- Trip Trap Attack

Teen- Rose 4 U [1]- The Way And Color***

Holograms- Monolith [1]- Holograms

Sigur Rós- Iceberg [3]- Candlewick

Clap Your hands Say Yeah- Coming Down [3]- Only Run***

The Horrors- In And Out Of Sight [4]- Luminous***

Shonen Knife- Fortune Cookie [6]- Overdrive***

Guided By Voices- Authoritarian Zoo [1]- Cool Planet***

The Arkane Pretence- Crazy Time- Single

Haunted Hearts-  Something That Feels Bad Is [3]- Initiation

Plumtree- Scott Pilgrim- Scott Pilgrim OMPS

Young Gods- Speed of Night [3]- Only Heaven

*** denotes “New Release”

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Best movie speech ever! 

Galactic Soup Playlist for July 2, 2014. “Today is the 4th of July, and you will once again be fighting for our freedom, not from tyranny, oppression, or persecution, but from annihilation.” – Bill Pullman voices his support for the continuing existence of our humble radio show.

Hello fellow revolutionaries,

This week we dedicated our show to freedom. That’s right, we had an early 4th of July celebration starting with the awesome speech by President Thomas J. Whitmore, a.k.a. Bill Pullman, from the 1996 sci-fi film Independence Day. One of my favorite alien invasion movies by the way. Now given the fact that the show was celebrating freedom, well we let Galactic Soup do whatever she wanted for the night, and well, somehow we ended up in Mars with John Carter not before stopping in Las Vegas for some good old Fear and Loathing. Yep, that’s freedom all right.

Second half of the show we featured Steven Millhauser’s short story Phantoms, included in the collection The Best American Short Stories of 2011, published by Mariner Books and edited by Geraldine Brooks.

Tune in next week for more auditory party favors, more rocking apparitions, and more awesome music on Galactic Soup, Wednesdays at 9pm on KUCI 88.9 fm in Irvine, or listen online at

israel medina

Nothing says “freedom celebration” like spaceships and alien invasions. USA! USA! USA! I love this country!

"As she reaches the top of the stairs she stops so suddenly and completely that she has the sense of her own body as an object standing in her path. Teen feet away, two children are seated on the old couch near the dollhouse. A third child is sitting in the armchair with the loose leg."
–Phantoms, Steven Millhauser. 

Here’s the soundtrack of our journey:

Nobuo Uematsu- Opening “Bombing Mission” - Final Fantasy VII Soundtrack

Eddie Turner – Rise [1]- Rise

The Black Angels-  Evil Things [2]- Indigo Meadow

The Men- Turn It Around- Open Your Heart

Oranger- Crooked In The Weird of the Catacombs [1]-  Now Comes And Goes

Oranger- Now Comes And Goes [2]- Now Comes And Goes

Polica- Chain My Name [1]- Shulamith

Solid Gold- One In A Million [1]- Synchronize

Lovers- Boxer {3]- Dark Light

Mark Mallman- Dirty Dishes [2]- Double Silhouette

Secret Colors- City Slicker [1]- Positive Distractions***

Birth Of Joy- Keep Your Eyes Shut [3]- Prisoner***

Trin Tran- Eyes The Size [2]- Far Reaches EP ***

We Are Scientists- What You Do Best [1]- TV En Francais***

Fanfarlo- Cell Song [2]- Let’s Go Extinct***

Chromeo- Sexy Socialite [4]- White Women***

Chance The Rapper- Juice- YouTube

Archie Bronson Outfit- Two Doves On A Lake [1]- Wild Crush***

Matrimony- Elvis Superstar [1]- Kitty Finger

The Coathangers- Follow Me [1]- Suck My Shirt***

Art Brut- Clever Clever Jazz [1]- Brilliant! Tragic!***

The Spits- Trouble [2]- Kill The Kool***

Paper Houses- Collateral Damage [2]- Life Goes On…

Powder- Sonic Machine[2]- Sonic Machine

Malachai- Sweet Flower [1]- Beyond Ugly***

The She’s- My Secret To Keep [1]- Dream Girl***

Little Hurricanes- Sumer Air [1]-  Gold Fever***

Jeffertitti’s Nile- No One [3]- The Electric Hour***

The Safes-  Ace For A Face [8]- Record Heat***

Deleted Scenes- Caught In The Brights [2]- Lithium Burn***

Daphne Lee Martin – Little Birds [1]- Frost***

Nikki Lane- I Don’t Care [3]- All Or Nothin’***

Gold Bears- Chest [2]- Dalliance***

Ghost Beach- Miracle [2]- Blonde***

Teen- Rose 4 U [1]-  The Way & Color***

*** denotes “New Release”

israel medina

If you felt like you wanted to stand up and cheer during this scene inside the movie theater, no reason to feel embarrassed about it, you were not alone. 

Galactic Soup Playlist for June 25, 2014. “They’re a young species. They have much to learn. But I’ve seen goodness in them.” –Optimus Prime gives his unbiassed opinion about our listeners.

Hello fellow Decepticons (you know you want to be a badass fighter jet),

This week we continued our philosophical series as we tackled the relationship between tax codes and existentialism, as well as their compounded influence in the further development of western civilization…  Yeah right! First half of the show we featured the awesome 2007 mega action film Transformers. Folks, I waited twenty years plus to see this film, and let me tell you, it didn’t disappoint. Michael Bay, I thank you thee!

Second half of the show we did things a little different, instead of yours truly destroying the English language with my accent-heavy reading of a short story, we decided to let the author read his own work and let ourselves in turn sit back and enjoy the piece. This week we featured John Steinbeck’s short story The Snake read by the author himself. The recording is part of the wonderful collection Columbia Literary Series released in 1953 and featured in Galactic Soup in its original 12-inch LP. You just can’t beat the wonderful “fried eggs” sounds the needle makes on an old record! Classic beyond classic. Scroll down to find the online link to Steinbeck’s recordings and listen to this dark and poignant piece at your leisure.

Tune in next week for more galactic struggle, more future tech, more awesome music, and more extraordinary superlatives on the only radio show that has no clue what a radio show should be like, Galactic Soup on KUCI 88.9 fm in Irvine, or listen online

israel medina

This movie was awesome! 

JOHN STEINBECK reads "The Snake" & "Johnny Bear" : Free Download & Streaming : Internet Archive

Click on the link above to listen to John Steinbeck’s "The Snake," and "Johnny Bear" read by the author himself. Both stories were originally part of the Columbia Literary Series 1953 collection.